Rules for our guests when renting
(A signed copy is to be handed to us on the date for your booking at the latest)

Phone number to the baths is 08-209027 ( open between 5.00 pm to 8.30 pm all day except Wednesday and Saturday).

1. Arriving at the bathhouse and before leaving it the renting customer will together with our staff check the establishment to see that everything is in order and that there is no damage. If damage has occurred when it has been let the renting customer will be held accountable and expected to pay for all damages in full. If anything is left behind/forgotten by the renting party these things can then be collected at this inspection.

2. If the renting party exceeds the appointed time booked at the bathhouse there will be an additional fee of 35€ for every started half hour. When the stay of the renting party has been concluded all the guest are prompted to be ready to leave and the premises will be inspected together with our staff.

3. The booking fee is 500 sek ( appx 50€ ) and is due to be payed as soon as your date is confirmed at the bathhouses account 450 40 13-6. The end payment is supposed to be payed in full 10 days before the booked date to secure the transaction onto our accounts renting list. It needs to be done so if there are weekends or holidays in between and for our staff to get your booking confirmed before the Saturday you booked.
We don’t accept any cards.
Use your name and date of the rent day.

4. Bottles and other items of glass are strictly prohibited on the premises.

5. All alcohol consumption is prohibited on the premises.

6. Any items containing fire or glow like candles or incense etc are prohibited on the premises.

7. Our staff has the right at any time during the booked date to inspect the premises for safety and to see that the rules of conduct are upheld.

8. The bathhouse staff only does the basic cleaning of the premises.

9. The rules swimwear at Storkyrkobadet are the same as on the other bathhouse in Stockholm.